Calum Perrin

Calum Perrin stands in front of a park drenched in golden sunlight.

Calum Perrin is a sound designer and composer from Newcastle, working across theatre, music and live art. During lockdown, Calum has been exploring the sensory dimensions of ‘home’, its textures and feelings, in an online sound installation. He asks, what are the tensions between the comfort of domesticity and the restrictions of domesticity in this time, particularly from a neurodivergent perspective? The commission encourages audiences to play with these sounds as ‘texture recipes’. The audience are invited to interact with the piece, choosing when and how to play each ‘texture recipe’ – comprising of both print and sound – and whether to play these as multiple sounds, or on their own, so that each experience of the piece will be truly unique to that individual. Ultimately, the work asks viewers to reassess the hierarchies of domestic space, especially as this relates to disability.

Visit Calum’s Website, or experience Calum’s Texture Recipes #1-3 on the filmpro Online Commissions site.