Tink Flaherty

Tink Flaherty stands in a field, on a cloudy-sunny day.

Tink Flaherty is an artist making intimate, provocative work exploring disability, class and connectivity. Their practice includes public intervention as well as devised autobiographical performance. Tink is neurodivergent and committed to creating work that is accessible and engaging for neurodivergent audiences. Tink’s piece WACKO is a film-based multimedia installation project on the taboo topic of hitting oneself. “Hitting myself is a performative ritual and a way of feeling in control, grounded and present. It is a way to process when overloaded, it helps me under-load“.  Tink is collaborating on the project with film artist Susanne Dietz, experience and interface designer Efi Ntoumouzi and dramaturg Daniel Oliver.

Experience Tink’s Wacko on the filmpro Online Commissions site.