Tobi Adebajo

A striped and glitchy image of Tobi Adebajo, wearing white lace, against a white background.

Tobi Adebajo is an anti-disciplinary artist who works in various creative and communal spheres focusing on movement, sound, visual and written works. From exploring the realities of existing as a Black, Queer, Trans, Disabled person, to creating unique audio-visual pieces, Tobi aims to illicit curated reactions from the witness/viewer. Their practice draws upon all the senses, inviting intentional collaboration to create work that opens conversations around access, love, healing and liberation. Their audio-visual work, Transitions II: Movement in Isolation, forms part of a series of movement pieces that “serve as a recollection of journeys in Spirit”. Following a being, or “éégún” (in Yoruba), the work explores movements through space/s, conversation and experience. 

Experience Tobi’s Transitions II on the filmpro Online Commissions site.