Zeynep Dagli

I have been interested in the negotiations and meditations of internal / external struggles, and traumatic experiences in relation to death, dying, suffering and madness. In my previous work I have researched, examined, speculated and/or analysed how dark and painful experiences have revealed themselves by way of reflection and in artistic formulation. It’s been a personal journey as much as an academic one.

After completing my practice-based PhD in 2009 in Media, Communication and Culture, I have continued to make experimental short films (exhibited and projected internationally and in the UK) and have been involved in an exciting array of works that entailed collaborating with disabled artists, performers, scriptwriters, musicians and sound designers; creating work for a wide range of audiences while keeping on researching, and publishing in an academic peer review journal.

Now shifting the focus of my practice to analogue collage making I am back indulging in this unique and delightful medium: deconstructing, cutting, pasting, constructing to harvest fragments with an attempt to negotiate the internal and external struggles. 


Negotiation between Madness and Sanity

A collective experiment unleashing the most primitive and urgent.

at the D-lectricity (Detroit-USA) September 2017

at the D-lectricity September 2017

at Barbican Open Lab (March 2017)

5 minutes long screamadelica – experimenting at the Barbican Open Lab Residency at the Pit Theatre

at the Crypt Gallery (Jan 2017)

If there’s one expression at once liberating and annihilating in the face of shock and pain, fear and surprise it must be the scream. Can it be said that a scream is an attempt for a negotiation between what we call madness and sanity?

This audio/visual experiment aims to provoke a conversation and collaboration with our most basic reaction as something that cannot be repressed but needs to be vocalised.

Crypt Residency (London-UK)

‘spells of silence, too…

when I listen, and hear the local sounds, the world sounds, see what an effort I make, to be reasonable.’ S.Beckett

Project Gallery

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