filmpro lates present: Film Audio Description: the making of

A public exercise of audio description in films and accessible screenings.

filmpro lates invite you to explore audio description in films and moving image.

An invitation to give it a go yourself: how and what would you describe?
December marks a significant day for the Disability Rights movement globally through the United Nations International Day of Disabled People celebrated on 3rd December. This year's theme focuses on Sustainable Development: The Promise of Thecnology

The starting point:
A definition of Audio Description: "the process of putting into words the visual aspects of an event or objects."
We will create an interactive public workshop space and encourage you to test Audio Description in practice, discover the dos and don'ts, your dos and don'ts, push the limitations of political correctness and ultimately suggest your own audio description.
Selected films and videos will be screened throughout the event with and without audio description. Visitors will have the opportunity to audio describe scenes and even to record their version.

The goal:
To make a shift from promise to commitment for creators to organically integrate audio description into their films, videos and digital artworks.
The event acts as filmpro lates springboard to the campaign for inclusive filmmaking processes and film viewing experiences.
Further events and workshops will be programmed in 2015.

Event details:
Thursday 4 December 6pm – 8:30pm
filmpro, Studio 3, 1 - 15 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD

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