Juan delGado
Juan delGado works across a range of media including video installation and photography.
His extensive body of work that explores themes of trauma, landscape, disability, dislocation and gender. His acknowledged productions have been exhibited internationally including at the 2011 Budapest Biennale and the 2013 Istanbul Biennale.
Following 'Fluctuating Fragments', produced on a residency in the West Bank with Artschool Palestine in 2011; 'Sailing Out of Grain' with solo yachtswoman Hilary Lister for London 2012, he was selected for the 2012 BBC Big Screens programme and in 2013 his project The Ringing Forest was shortlisted for the Jerwood Open Forest Commission. Other prestigious organisations that have supported his work include the British Council and the Wellcome Trust. Juan delGado lives and works in London.

Recent projects / work
The Ringing Forest (2014)
'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?'
Exploring the forest and our relationship to trees from a phenomenological perspective, this film aims to open a dialogue with the audience about nature, sound and motion through the original concept of 'green noise'.

Juan delGado

Sailing Out of Grain (2011)
'Sailing gives me a sense of freedom that I never thought would be possible again.' Hilary Lister
Explores the inner world of solo yachtswoman Hilary Lister, her life, dreams and achievements. An intimate portrait of this extraordinary, yet vulnerable woman.
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Le Rêve de Newton (2010)
'Every moment, is the present. Time snatched away from the instant future to be what I'm doing now.' Pauline St Marie
Depicts a poetic reflection on ageing, vulnerability and the changing landscape as well as an exploration of the politics of sport and the body.

Upcoming projects / work
The Flickering Darkness (Revisited) (2014)
'Focusing the analysis on the city, on its configuration, its effluents, its atmosphere, that means revealing something within, thus that transcends the self.' Juan delGado
A three-channel installation filmed at the Corabastos market in Bogotá exploring the journey that produce takes from its arrival before dawn to its consumption.
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