• filmprolates 6 October 2016

    filmprolates 6 October 2016

    Blue Pen will be showing as part of Whitechapel First Thursdays on 6 October 2016 at Tower Hamlets Local History Library and...

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  • filmprolates 3 December 2015

    filmprolates 3 December 2015

    Z eyeZ , an exceptional event by Extant in collaboration with the Sloboda Clinic Croatia. Extant, Britain's leading professional performing...

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  • filmprolates  5 November 2015

    filmprolates 5 November 2015

    filmpro lates present: Hidden out A short study of moving image as a means not only to capture personal stories...

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  • filmprolates  1 October 2015

    filmprolates 1 October 2015

    filmpro lates present a collection of new work by Associate Artists and Friends Featured artists included: Zeynep Dagli, a London-based...

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  • filmprolates  6 August 2015

    filmprolates 6 August 2015

    Everybody Says It's all In Your Head , by Johnny Hourigan and Clare Bottomley A premiere screening event with insight...

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  • filmprolates  2 July 2015

    filmprolates 2 July 2015

    Flèches Sans Corps (Arrows without Bodies), by Juan delGado A space for reflection on displacement, where presence manifests itself through...

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  • filmprolates  4 June 2015

    filmprolates 4 June 2015

    Define Me, by Qila Gill Contributors to artist statement wanted for one evening. "The artist never entirely knows. We guess....

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  • filmprolates  2 April 2015

    filmprolates 2 April 2015

    Spring Group Show, by Juan Soto, Zeynep Dagli and Michael Achtman filmpro lates Artists return! Juan Soto, Zeynep Dagli and...

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  • filmprolates  5 March 2015

    filmprolates 5 March 2015

    Mental Elves, by Chas de Swiet A live musical response to classic portrayals of mental health on film. Chas will...

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  • filmprolates  5 February 2015

    filmprolates 5 February 2015

    But is it ART...?, by Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet An interactive challenge: visitors decide whether various items and happenings...

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  • filmprolates  4 December 2014

    filmprolates 4 December 2014

    filmpro lates present: Film Audio Description: the making of A public exercise of audio description in films and accessible screenings....

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  • filmprolates 6 November 2014

    filmprolates 6 November 2014

    Michael's Shorts, by Michael Achtman Short experimental and collage films by filmpro Associate Artist Michael Achtman An evening of recent...

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  • filmprolates 2 October 2014

    filmprolates 2 October 2014

    Negotiation between Madness and Sanity, by Zeynep Dagli A collective experiment unleashing the most primitive and urgent. by Zeynep Dagli...

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  • filmprolates 4 September 2014

    filmprolates 4 September 2014

    2001, by Juan Soto A 45 minutes video-performance that mixes personal and collective memories in a psychedelic collage. Juan Soto...

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