• Blue Pen

    Blue Pen

    Blue Pen is an experimental short film about censorship and the disappearance of dissenting voices. The film pays particular attention...

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  • Conscience


    The Project Conscience is a touring project in two stages that explores the relationship between young people and the armed...

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    Disability Artists Training Creative Enablers - DATCE DATCE was ... • ... a creative and organic process • ... asking...

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  • Welcome Stop

    Welcome Stop

    Welcome Stop is a 25-minute narrative short that explores relationships and boundaries among three disabled characters. It follows Morag along...

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  • COnscription


    COnscription is a multimedia installation exploring the call-up to military service in Turkey for people who don't 'fit the mould'....

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  • Awake


    Anna, a woman who’s chronically ill, is visited by Doreen, a door-to-door proselytizer who makes herself at home and stays...

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  • expérience dans une grotte

    expérience dans une grotte

    A collaboration between performer Ymá de Almeida, musicians Pascale Darchy & Neil Robinson, and film-maker Zeynep Dagli....

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  • Out of the Box

    Out of the Box

    A bold new arts project came to East London in 2014, working innovatively with disabled people to take archives 'out...

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  • Sailing Out of Grain

    Sailing Out of Grain

    'Sailing gives me a sense of freedom that I never thought would be possible again.' Hilary Lister Explores the inner...

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  • FAT


    A multi-media journey of a gay disabled man in search of his heart's desire....

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