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Theresa Rahman

I entered a world, a dimension of intense perceptions. Every flicker and flutter contained meaning. Every thought was an event. There were no boundaries and I was swamped by energies. I floated out of time and my demons became realities. They call it madness but there was still a part of my mind...
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Pauline Alexander

A deafened visual artist and creative practitioner in education. My background is in arts, disability equality training and clinical work with adults and children, which puts me in a good position to capitalize on my capabilities, integrate my skills and develop new ways of working to empower others....
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Julie McNamara

Julie McNamara Writer, performer and Artistic Director of Vital Xposure, Julie McNamara's work is passionately political and an unashamed celebration of excluded voices. Vital Xposure is a small scale, disability-led theatre and new media company funded by Arts Council England. The drive behind Julie McNamara's creative productions, her writing and theatre...
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